Saturday, January 26, 2013

COME AND TAKE IT! Sure, why not.

Update at bottom: 1/27

What if they do?
This is something you see a lot now. The "COME AND TAKE IT" or "Molon Labe" shirts, flags, hats, etc... Sounds good. Sounds right. But what if they do?
When the TSA was put in place and the thyroid killers were installed in airports, people stomped and cried, "Everyone should opt out. We'll overload them and they'll have to listen to us." And for a while, some people did. Now? I travel regularly and while I'm only in that area for a short time, 99 times out of 100, I'm the only person standing off to the side, hands out, pants holding on, threatening to fall, while the equivalent of a mall security guard pats me down.
Bush and pals not only implemented some of the most heinous violations of Natural rights (only to be outdone by King Barry I with the NDAA), but they spent money like the drunken fucktards they are and setup the stage for Madame Plasticface and Prince Harry to keep on going. The Left cried and rallied and marched and what happened? What did they change? Nothing.
2010 - The year of the Tea Party, we're told. They're gonna win back Congress and stop this out of control government! Only got the House and, low and behold, still spending like whores with stolen credit cards AND, passed the NDAA, AND, allowed King Barry I to kill whomever he felt like with 'drone strikes'. But... there's the 2012 election. AH-HA!!!!
Mitt fucking Romney. What more needs to be said?
Right now, another liberty is threatened. Being that the spunkmonkey's in DC don't give two shits about the rest of us, it'll probably be crossed, new regs will be implemented and then what?
I predict that the majority who kick and scream and wear their shirts and hats will be Johnny Tyler, from the movie "Tombstone".
Not only does he get beat down after threatening action, but then when he goes to "resist", he's 'scared' of the men he's up against, backs down, lays down his weapon and walks away, tail tucked up nicely. And like Johnny, it's because they want to live another day. I get it. I completely understand. But then, don't puff your chest. Drop the bravado. Accept who you are inside and live that way.

As the years go on, more and more about the men once held to such a high regard comes out and the shine really comes off the apple. John F. Kennedy is remembered fondly for standing up to the Soviets. Cuban Missile Crisis. Yeah! He drew a line and dared them to cross it! They backed down! USA!USA!USA!USA! Well, recent stories have come out, particularly from a former lover of his, who says that Kennedy said during that time “I’d rather my children be red than dead.”
Now obviously, you have to give some latitude to trust as that could be true or false. She's the only one who claimed to hear it. But it shows the situation differently, doesn't it.

The human animals natural sense is to live. It prioritizes this above all else. This is why, when threatened, the natural instinct is to run. To stand and fight is unnatural. It's uncomfortable. Your whole purpose for being, Life, could be snuffed out. So it's understandable that people back down. But, how do you measure yourself after?
We look back at the War For Independence now and think of these men fondly. Well, some of us. But how long did the injustice go on before they acted? How many of them who signed that Declaration Of Independence did so reluctantly? 1/3 of the citizens were said to support the war. 1/3 wanted to remain loyal to the crown. And 1/3 didn't care either way. On top of this, it's said that only 3% of the population at the time actually fought for independence. What about us? Our culture is collapsing into shit, the concept of honor has long since died, and we can't even organize a simple tax revolt. What do We do when the King imposes another edict?

This isn't a "Call To Arms!" This is a Call To Truth. To stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself where you truly stand. No bravado. No slogans. No t-shirts. Martin Luther King, Jr. did. As Malcolm X did. Fighting for the same cause, but in different ways. Both killed for what they believed. How many hundreds or thousands of others said they did, but when faced with jail or death, they turned and saved themselves. Or like some others, they embraced the enemy. Sharpton. Jackson. How many million are dead because people like this embraced the eugenicists who decades before openly hoped to solve "the negro problem" with abortion.
Know where you stand and more importantly, who truly stands with you.

I don't know what the future holds. I've made bold claims on this blog and while I think they'll come to fruition, I obviously have no idea. But I at least know where I stand. My fear is, as I look around me, to friends and neighbors, I believe I stand alone. There's nothing I can do about that, but it's less than comforting.

And it looks like I'm not the only one having this thought lately. Posted this, went about my day, hit up some favorites this morning and it seems Eric Peters is having the exact same thoughts. He's a bit more eloquent in his writings, so I suggest reading his post. 

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