Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Coronation

Did you watch?
Were you glued to your television to get a glimpse of The One.
When He spoke, did you quiver? Did you weep for joy? Did you cry out "Yes, yes we can!!!"
Did you gush to your friends during your Inaug... Coronation Party, about how beautiful Her Highness was?

Or were you like me and did the turd you left in the hopper leave you more emotional.

Collectivist hyperbole. I heard clips of the speech and holy fuck in a bucket was it full of shit. Over and over, the premise you get from it was "No one will get ahead alone. We won't allow it. It's only when directed by The State will The Herd succeed."

He's now unrestrained from the burden of reelection so there is nothing that will hold him back. He's already said it. And the Congress is basically the same one we've had for the last 2 years. The same one during which the debt shot past $16 trillion. The same one who KEPT FUCKING SPENDING MONEY THEY DON'T HAVE. People like head lice more than Congress. Yet, the sheep keep voting for their guy because "Well, he's at least trying. It's the other guy who's the problem."
No, you fuckwad, they're all worthless twats. I like Dr. Ron Paul. I voted for him in 2 primaries. But even with all his positives, when it came to Congress he was a cunt. When bills would come to the House, he would add thing to the bill that benefited his district in Texas. Pork. When the bill came for vote, he'd vote against it. The excuse was "Well, my district sent me to Congress to do things for them. So that's why I added that to the bill. But I voted against it because I don't believe in government spending on things that are unconstitutional." He was playing the odds. He had a better than 2-1 odds that the bill was going to be passed because it was loaded with enough pork for enough districts so even hacks would vote for it.

So, with all that laid out, do you really think there's anything that's going to stop King Barry I from pushing through the bullshit? Congress is already showing signs that it won't lay out anything that's too over the top on "gun control" because they actually have to fight for reelection, so do you think that'll stop Obama? He'll happily use the EPA, HHS, ATF, etc... to impose regulation, that people will take as the strength of law, that will attempt to restrict us even more and Congress will stomp and cry, but do abso-fucking-lutely nothing to stop them!!
The Messiah has finally come. Let us all bow down before him and kiss his feet.

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