Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One more on the Coronation

By the way, one aspect of the speech annoyed me because of its factual ignorance. Okay. It was all ignorant. BUT... this one is a recent annoyance.
On a trip out to my mothers, I was reading Larry Elder's book "The Ten Things You Can't Say In America." It was the physical book, so when I was done, I left it around her house. She looked at the blurb and one of his points is the "glass ceiling", which supposedly keeps women down, doesn't exist and she had a problem with that. My mother is the consummate feminist, so it's no surprise that it pissed her off. King Barry I brought it up in his declaration, hence it jumped to the front of my thoughts.
Why is the glass ceiling bullshit? It doesn't work on an economic sense. Here's what I mean.

"Women are paid less than men for the same work!" If this were true, then why would a business hire anyone BUT women? If I could get the same amount of work done by women as done by men, but cheaper, holy shit... I'd kick all the guys out and have wall to wall women. I'd sell my products for less than anyone else, ALONG WITH, making a bigger profit. Plus I could probably get government kickbacks because I hired only women. I wouldn't, but I'm sure I could.
Pick the most chauvinistic asshole you know and ask him if he had verifiable proof that an all-female workforce was just as productive as men, but he could pay them less, would he do it and I'll guarantee he would.

By and large, the reason women are paid less is because they are less reliable for consistent work. Before the woman perusing this site get their panties in a twist, read. It's not a knock, it's an analysis of facts.
Women are usually the primary care givers for children. If a child is sick, out of school, not even in school yet, it is usually the woman who cares for them. Hence, out of work.
Speaking of kids... when they're on the way, she's gonna be out. How long is a personal preference, but she's not at work and not productive.
Women tend to have more medical issues or the ones they have affect them harder. Yes, as males, we're taught to fight through pain and discomfort, as stupid as it may be. I had a shop teacher missing most of a finger (who didn't, right?) and he said he lost it on a job. Cut it off, wrapped it tight and stopped the bleeding, went back to light work for the rest of the day and then got it taken care of at the hospital. Ladies? Not so much.
In the jobs that tend to draw in the big money, women generally aren't keen on those.

Now with all that, it's been found that the women who set aside all those typical aspects of women and "act like a man", they make more than the men in the same field.

If I could break down each hyperbolic statement he made yesterday, I would. However, I have a job to get to, so I'll let others break them down.

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