Saturday, January 19, 2013


From The Blaze: There’s a Slight Problem With NY’s Hastily-Made New Gun Laws: They Forgot to Exempt Cops!
This is rich! Oh I chuckled endlessly when I heard that one. Because the nanny's in New York had to do something, they not only fucked over their own every day mere mortals, they fucked over their sanctimonious supermen known as the NYPD. What's more hilarious is where Sen. Eric Adams says “You can’t give more ammo to the criminals.” Wait, wait, wait... let me make sure I understand you, Senator. By definition, a criminal is someone who breaks the law. So you assmonkey's in New York are passing another law, this one attempting to restrict how much ammo they can carry in a gun. If they didn't follow the first one (whatever it is), they're now magically going to follow the second? What?!

As far as the cops go: fuck'em. As the Social Distortion song says, "That's the way that it goes when you're down here with the rest of us." Try living by the same rules us mere mortals have to for a change.

I've always had a sort of frothing contempt for cops, even though I've had and have friends who are them. But my friends have always been on the "peace officer" side of the cop slider, not the "law enforcement" side.

A peace officer is just that. They know the laws and while they're bound to uphold them, they know when to leave something alone because it'll do no good. You're outside at night, drinking, having fun with friends, playing some music. A peace officer is the one who roles up, depending on where you are, maybe even stays in the car. They call you over and say, "Looks like you're having a good time. Do me a favor? Turn down the music a bit. A couple folks called and I don't wanna be an ass, but I could hear it up the street. Just turn it down some, alright? Thanks." and then leaves.
Law enforcement? They're the assholes. They will pull up with 2 cars. The cops will get out and come right up to where you're standing. "This party ends now!" will say the cock-in-costume who's probably even wearing sunglasses, even though it's 1:00am. If you try and 'reason' with said prick, he'll stand right up to you, maybe even poke your chest and say, "You wanna spend the night in the hole?" I'll even be 'fair' and say they're not cock biting fucktards. They're not rude, but for any infraction, they're writing a ticket, or pulling out the cuffs, or otherwise ruining your day and they're excuse is "That's the law". So was sending Jews, gypsy's, and gays to the gas chamber, but hey, why split hairs.
Thinking back to 'peace officers' for a moment: I understand they can have a rough job. Walking through Sandy Hook, trying to piece together what happened? That shit has to stay with you for a long time. You're dealing with people when they're often being assholes. Occasionally, you risk being shot at. I get it, it sucks. But more and more, you see Office "G.I. Joe" with his buzz cut, barking orders like he owns you, is more than happy to break out a taser or pepperspray because you're being "uncooperative", happily slings his M4 because it makes him think he has a big dick, and he looks down on you because you're a civilian. Supper-nanny Bloomberg sent city cops out of the fucking state to not only 'go undercover' at gun shows in Arizona, but to spy on 'potential terrorists' in New Jersey. Didn't hear about that one, did you? Go look it up. What 'peace officer' looks at these cases and says "That's within the authority and trust the people put in me"? No, no it isn't.
Oh well. Just obey and it'll all be fine.

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